Remote Support - Session

Time to sit down together?

Have you requested a Remote Support Session?

You should be on this page because you have requested a Remote Support Session and you have received our confirmation email.

Our confirmation email shows the date and time that we will call. Search your inbox for "Remote Support Session Confirmation".

Before we call you

Get Ready

It helps to check:

  • Your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • You are seeing this page on Google Chrome Web Browser.
  • You have closed any application you want to keep private.
  • You have any login credentials handy.
  • You are listening to your phone though earphones (not required).

Important: Please note, you will be sharing your screen with us. We will be able to see your screen and move your mouse, etc.

Over our phone conversation

1st - Generate a code.

Clicking the button below will open Chrome Remote Desktop on a new tab.

On the section "Request Support", click "GENERATE CODE". Copy the code, then comeback to this page.

2nd - Send us the code.

Paste your generated code below and send it to us.

We'll use the code to authenticate the connection, and proceed to give you support.

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